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SPECIAL REPORT: Monica de Rossi's NEW Intense 4-weeks Anti-Wrinkle Formula..

This report was prepared by Health Journal magazine, to reveal the truth, hiding behind an extraordinary rejuvenating therapy.
Important information: Hydroface formula is out of stock in most stores, but until: can still be found on the Internet.

Our reporter Annette Herman
explored a new anti-wrinkle formula that quickly gained popularity around the world.

(Health Journal) - The ageless Monica de Rossi, looking 40-years old at 72, presented to British women her famous 4-weeks anti-wrinkle formula. The method of the French model is a challenge to traditional anti-wrinkle methods.

More than 10 000 British women over the age of 35 already stopped using the ineffective major company cosmetics and joined Monica. Regardless of how you look now, after only a month you too can see men's surprised faces, convinced that you're at least 10 years younger.

It is never too late to be young and attractive. You can see for yourself in only a month - the mirror will show you the truth. Take a look at your forehead, your eyes and lips. Wrinkles will be almost invisible and your skin will be soft to the touch, stretched tight and smooth. How is this possible?

[VIDEO] Microparticles of de Rossi's formula fill the skin the same way
as water fills a sponge

Visualization: Microparticles of de Rossi's formula fill the skin the same way as water fills a sponge:

de Rossi's microparticle anti-wrinkle treatment

Hydroface Anti-Aging System is a 4-week formula of Monica de Rossi - the only therapy with microparticles applied to the skin.

Traditional creams aren't absorbed well by the skin. Their molecules are too large to penetrate the pores. Hydroface Anti-Aging System has microparticles, 200 times smaller than skin pores, that can smoothly reach deeper, creating immediate hydration. This process makes the skin taut and gets rid of your wrinkles..
Hydroface Anti-Aging System is a set of two creams: Hydroface AM / PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex (for all areas) and Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula (specifically designed for the eye area).

Guaranteed results

  • Alternative to Botox
  • Remedie to get rid of wrinkles fast
  • Fixes dark circles under the eyes
  • Stretches and makes the skin firm
  • Removes swelling
  • Fills in wrinkles
  • 24-hour hydration

Traditional creams generally don't stimulate the skin to produce collagen well enough. hey may stretch the skin, but not through your body's natural mechanisms. The 4-week microparticle formula Hydroface Anti-Aging System penetrates deeply and stimulates the body to produce its its own collagen; so your skin can cope with wrinkles all by itself, while becoming naturally more elastic.

  • Alternative to Botox
  • Remedie to get rid of wrinkles fast
  • Fixes dark circles under the eyes
  • Stretches and makes the skin firm
  • Removes swelling
  • Fills in wrinkles
  • 24-hour hydration

4-week formula works progressively

What English women say for Hydroface Anti-Aging System::

"I just turned 40 . My life is getting better and better, just like my skin! Thanks to Hydroface Anti-Aging System! " - Tea Williams

After the first day of use you should feel that your skin is firmer and fresher. After one week you will notice a significant difference in the mirror. Some of the smaller wrinkles should be barely noticeable. After a month of use, your skin will be even fresher and more elastic; small wrinkles will be so shallow they will be literally unnoticeable. Deeper lines will be much less visible. After a month, you'll look a few years younger. If not - you can (and should!) take advantage of Monica de Rossi's special guarantee – you get your money back, discreetly, no questions asked.

Health Journal gives a unique opportunity to its readers. Through the link below you can order Hydroface Anti-Aging System for mush less money. This special offer is available until the end  of

Author: Annette Herman, Health Journal


NOTE: A limited-time offer. The official distributor of de Rossi's anti-wrinkle forumla has a special offer for our readers: a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't have success in getting rid of wrinkles.

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Due to large demand and limited stock.

Our Health and Diet writer Annette Herman recently tried out the Monica de Rossi's anti-aging therapy. The results were striking:

After 4 weeks of use, wrinkles are almost invisible, and the skin just glows, so youthful.

The benefits from Monica de Rossi's anti-aging formula has put an end to our initial doubts. We've found an anti-aging therapy that not only combats wrinkles, but it hydrates and freshens the skin immensely; it has also helped Annette to remove unsightly spots on her skin.

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Did you know...?
Monica de Rossi, always beautiful and youthful at 72, owes her incredible looks to a cosmetic formula of her own making.
People's reactions

Olivia Stone – Health Journal reader. Results after applying the four-week formula of Monica de Rossi. On the after-therapy picture wrinkles are visibly smoothed, and the skin is noticeably tighter. An incredible effect!

Angie Russ
Has anyone tried this?
Reply · Like · at 7:45 pm
Teddie Miln
I've been using Hydroface cream for 3 weeks now and I really do look 5 years younger. Everyone's telling me, even my husband! Maybe on others it will work even better, but with me the results are truly impressive. My laugh lines are gone, it's incredible! Thank you for this article!
Reply · Like · at 7:49 pm
Joan Sturridge
This is the first anti-wrinkle cream that actually worked for me, let me look younger, feel younger and more confident.
Reply · Like · at 7:55 pm
Anna Pope
Has anyone tried this? Looks promising.
Reply · Like · at 7:58 pm
Nikki Mansen
For years I've tried to get rid of my wrinkles and nothing helped me as much as I wanted. I spent so much money on masks, creams and other wonder cures, you know the kind. Now you've given me an idea of how to look better for less money than I was willing to spend in a beauty salon or even a clinic. I've got an important thing coming up, my daughter's wedding, and till then I want to look good. I've just ordered Hydroface, so I hope to get the results I want. Fingers crossed!
Reply · Like · at 8:18 pm
Annie Geordison
I came upon this site by accident and read the article. I used this cream at a beauty salon for 70 pounds apiece. I've ordered two already; this is an incredible opportunity, didn't know this cream is available outside of beauty salons.
Reply · Like · at 8:38 pm
Toned Ton1iee
This is crazy! I want that look too, cant wait to get the deliverry!
Reply · Like · at 8:39 pm
Rob Villeugh
well, if it works, i'll get this cream for my wife's b-day. It's in a week, hope she dont throw me out.
Reply · Like · at 8:39 pm
Katie Botor
I've been using the creams for a week, and I feel and look so much better! My wrinkles are going away, and it's so cheap too! If i'd gone to a salon, I would've thrown away my whole salary by now. Now at least my husband is mad at me :)
Reply · Like · at 8:59 pm
Nenni Cowell
I've been so busy these last few years, between the children and the work I seemed to have forgotten about myself. Thanks to this system I really like myself more now, not to mention turning heads once more...
Reply · Like · at 9:29 pm
Vanessa Trische
bought this for my mum and she's so happy with it. even I can see her looking better after a week. A fantastic product, and at such a low price too!
Reply · Like · at 9:38 pm
Paddie Morris
that's a load of crap. of course youre getting older but you can slow it dow, and this mask really works for me!
Reply · Like · at 9:44 pm
Mike de Sade
miracles again... you should just let yourself grow old, and that's it
Reply · Like · at 9:49 pm
Stephen Vaughn
Me and my wife have decided to give this a try. We're both approaching 50 and it's about time we took care of ourselves. If this is really a beauty-salon product, then it's exactly what we're looking for.
Reply · Like · at 11:22 am
Julia Vassell
This is amazing! I just had a chat with a friend about this exact same cream, and now I'm reading about it.
Reply · Like · at 11:43 am
Lily Jane
just tried it for the first time, really very relaxing, smells great and maybe it's me but I'm REALLY feeling a difference already!
Reply · Like · at 11:51 am
Katherine York
I apply the creams every other day, I'm almost at the end of my first package. the effect is truly amazing. Wrinkles have been filled in, paler. My skin feels relaxed. I'm just about to order another one, or maybe two!
Reply · Like · at 1:15 pm
Sylvia Woolf
i got the package. it does look incredible, definitely worth the price, beauty-salon quality.
Reply · Like · at 1:45 pm
Mary Slath
Me and my sister ordered this 3 weeks ago, 2 packs each. So, how about it? It really works! We both look a bit younger and my skin feels so fresh! I wouldn't compare it to any other product or mask!
Reply · Like · at 2:21 pm
Sandra Donworth
the effect is out of thise world... is it for real?
Reply · Like · at 2:42 pm
Diana Cunningham
I've heard about this, it's what they use in salons. I've never been, but my girlfriends have been telling me. Now I know where I can buy these creams that people use there.
Reply · Like · at 3:22 pm
Lorie Bowen
I used to go to beauty salons, but I can no longer afford it. This mask is fantastic news to me, will order right away, then I'll write back with the results!
Reply · Like · at 3:34 pm
Vicky Oliver
do they make deliveries to small towns? is it money back guaranteed? really?
Reply · Like · at 3:46 pm
Cammie Dichmann
Click on the offer and read for yourself. Money back guaranteed, why would they lie? Deliveries everywhere in the country. It's all written on the page.
Reply · Like · at 3:53 pm
Bobbie Mariner
OK, did it, ordered it. I'll keep you informed about the results soon.
Reply · Like · at 4:21 pm

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